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The Conqa team

We’re at the crest of the wave – it’s up to us to build on the platform we’ve created to becoming the leading QA (construction) platform in the world.

The CONQA story

Behind every successful business is a great team of people. Conqa is no exception. Conqa started in 2012, borne from the idea that we wanted to start a great business from a global pain. The product came into focus as we listened to the people experiencing the pain of doing Quality Assurance.

As such, right from inception Conqa is the amalgamation of solutions to a problem, ‘designed’ by those that feel it every day. Conqa has become known as a simple and effective tool, used by the ‘technologically illiterate’ and the ‘fat thumbed’ alike.

We’re on the right path to create a platform that genuinely makes a difference to construction projects the world over, at the exact time that hardware, the global market and the appetite for technological improvements on site all point towards Conqa.

We simplify record keeping in the field to make project progress engaging & measurable.

Our Team

Barney Chunn, Director


Barney enjoys connecting problems with process; working to make the Conqa team as effective as possible at serving their customers.

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  • p. +61 48 1266 257
Pete Simons, Director

New Zealand 

As a trained Engineer, Pete brings a problem solvers passion and an eye for detail into every aspect of the business.

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  • p. +64 21 2516 922
Daniel O’Donoghue, Director

New Zealand

Daniel is the centre of energy and enthusiasm at Conqa, who has an authentic desire to bring effective solutions to the construction industry.

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  • p. +64 21 657 934

The awesome Conqa team!