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All in one infrastructure QA sign off package

Quality is the ultimate measure of your progress, an efficient, transparent, collaborative effort in Quality Assurance ensures that you know that what’s built is built right.

With Conqa Infrastructure you just have to give us your Inspection & Test plans (ITP) and your project breakdown – from there we will upload all your documents and come and train your team. Each user has access to both the desktop and mobile tools of Conqa.

Typically each of your QA plans will be broken down in to areas and zones, and then each zone will have an ITP.

On each step of the ITP site engineers can check requirements of the design, complete inspections, take test results and photos to sign off the ITP item.

Every detail you put against an ITP item is stored forever in the cloud meaning its always accessible and you can never lose it.

We have been using Conqa on one of our high rise projects and it has been invaluable to the team, saving them time and paperwork.

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