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Conqa’s Commercial QA tools let you plan your QA ahead of time or on the fly, and execute it easily. All QA checking, defect flagging, photos and notes can be completed or checked by all team members from any net friendly device.


Instead of holding on to a piece of paper and filing it correctly (hundreds, if not thousands of times), information is automatically formatted and stored.

That’s the photos, attachments, PS’s, Dockets – and anything else that could close out a QA step – can be attached and automatically turned into a report. All of which means no more double handling


Construction management is about communication. There’s a plan that needs to be stuck to, but it’s when things go wrong that good management steps up.

With Conqa and our overview dashboard, a Project Manager can know as soon as problems arise, and can get started with mitigating and managing them.

I recommend the use of Conqa QA software for commercial projects as it can simply be customised to suit everyone’s needs.

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