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QA software: The questions you’ve been dying to ask

You’ve just come back from the job site with a stack of papers that now need to filed and processed – oh, and possibly rewritten as one has a giant muddy footprint on it.

You’ve heard your colleagues in the industry talking about QA software and how simple it has made their projects and quality assurance processes, and think it might just be worth checking it out.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a quick FAQ to help answer any burning questions you may have.


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How technology is disrupting the construction industry

Currently it feels like every week there’s a new bit of tech out in the market – autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, drones and smart devices. It seems like only yesterday that the first smartphones came out, and well, we’re still trying to convince the boss that we could really do with that 3D printer.

While traditionally slow on the uptake, the construction industry is starting to utilise some of these emerging technologies, and realising that they increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the health and safety of its workers.